Design and prototyping services

Here at CVOUK our design studio is what makes us tick and what makes us special.  As you know we have our own brand ‘Chairmaker’ many of these designs are born in our design studio and the rest come from the ‘Chair vault’.  However, the majority of the work going on is design and prototyping for designers and the everyday custom production models we are known for.  As an example, If you have ordered a custom corner sofa from us in the past this job will have started life in the design studio, where the frame design is prepared for production. In fact every job we do still passes through the studio for pre-production checking.

The Process

Our design and prototyping service is very unique and unmatched in the UK.  If you are a designer/interior designer or maybe a hotelier that wants a new model developed this is where we excel.  Our design team have developed hundreds of new models for some of the UKs most prestigious designers.  Some come to us with beautiful designs in perfect scale drawn in the latest cad software, others just send a sketch that may well have been drawn in the pub the night before!  Either way, we take these ideas and turn them into working designs.  Sometimes it may take two or three prototypes to get the final product but some of the finest chairs in the world have been developed by us. So if you want your next chair or sofa designed and produced in the UK come to us and we will do just that, no need to go to China or Vietnam or anywhere else for that matter it can all be done here, good for your green credentials and good for British manufacturing.