GDPR Statement from CVOUK LTD May 2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) So here we are folks more regulations that have been brought in to protect us all from the bad guys.   These regulations as with all regulations are a tangle of words written by people who are much cleverer than us, apparently!  Therefore we will all … Read More

Sofas Settees Couches

The Chairmaker brand by CVOUK is you may probably think, all about chairs.  Yes, you would be right , it is what it says on the tin!!  However we also make amazing sofas, settees or couches, (depending on what part of the world you live in) We make them to … Read More


Australia is known for many things, however, you don’t really think of them as furniture designers.  My recent trip down under to catch up with family was fantastic as always and on a sunny Saturday in the Southern town of Milton I came across a fantastic little Antique shop stuffed … Read More

Biggest dining chair ever!

At Chairmaker we work alongside our sister trade manufacturing company FWUK. They are at the back end much of our Chairmaker product and specialize in making the frames for our chairs but they also produce a lot of product for the commercial sector. The factory makes incredible restaurant and hotel … Read More

Make sure it will fit!!!!

I have been in the furniture manufacturing game for a long time.  As my businesses have evolved we have moved further and further into hand made bespoke products.  Sure we have the biggest production ready archive of chairs in the world but a large part of our business these days … Read More

Brexit for Beginners

The events of June 2016 have divided a nation.  Whether you voted in or out we are all now in a whole new world.  None of us really know what is going to happen.  All we can do now is get on with it and hope that our politicians can … Read More

The Piddinghoe armchair – is it, or is it not a classic?

I am going to call the Piddinghoe armchair a classic, because it just is. I remember my dad making this chair 25 years ago and it remains as popular as ever. The photo features an amazing Harris fabric that truly shows off what a gorgeous chair it is. Cover in … Read More

This week’s classic: the Henfield dining chair

We’ve just added the timeless Henfield dining chair to the Classics collection. The Henfield has been part of what we do for so long I cant remember when we started making them, my dad reckons he was making them back in the late 70s, so that’s a fair while. It is … Read More

The Chilgrove, another classic accent chair

My next pick from the Classics Collection is the Chilgrove accent chair. This elegant Victorian fireside chair is a stunner. Made as the original with turned front legs and English brass castors. The legs can be any timber from our range, Mahogany if you want to be traditional or Oak … Read More

Summer shutdown

Hi Everyone   Just a reminder that we will be closed for one working week for the first week in August (3-7)  We also have staff taking summer holidays a week either side of the shut-down.  In a nut shell, orders in the system that have estimated build times before … Read More