About us

design-studioHandmade chairs 1The Chairmaker brand is owned by us, CVOUK Ltd of Sussex, England. CVOUK (Chair Vault Originals)  works in 3 main areas.

1/ We work with the best designers in the world to perfect and then manufacture their exclusive designs.

2/ We work in the top end of the commercial sector.  Normally working with designers but sometimes directly with the venue owner. We have in the last few years produced amazing chairs, sofas and stools for some of the worlds finest venues like the Devonshire Club or the Ivy restaurants in London.

3/ We manufacture our own Chairmaker chairs from the ‘Chair Vault’ or our own new product development studio, which are sold to trade clients and private clients.

The ‘Chair Vault’ is the jewel in the crown of our business and we believe nothing like it exists anywhere else. While it’s not actually a vault, it is an incredible archive that contains thousands of full-scale chair drawings and patterns from many periods in history. Collected over 50 years, by three generations of chair makers, this archive is probably the largest collection in the world.

We are continually releasing new chair designs into the Chairmaker collection from designs we find in the vault. It can be a real challenge when we find a chair we want to bring back to life. Many of the old patterns have no corresponding drawings like they do today, or there may be patterns missing. First of all our in-house design team will modernize the design, digitize it and convert it to metric. We then make drawings from the patterns to make sure it will go together, redrawing any missing parts. We will then make a prototype, evaluate the design and tweak it as necessary. Only when we are happy will it be added to the Chairmaker collection.

We also design new models, hundreds every year.  We get our inspiration from what’s going on in the world today. At the moment the fashion is for retro.  We also design and produce chairs for our trade customers and while we cant tell you who they are, we produce some of the most iconic chairs made in the UK at our Sussex factories.

fw_up4bigAll our products are made in the UK. We do not import cheap frames or use low-grade internals. Our timbers are from approved mills and meet the requirements of the new EUTR regulations. Our upholstery internals meet the highest crib 5 fire regulations as standard. We guarantee all our products, for further information see our Terms and Conditions.

Our factories in Sussex are set up with all that is required to keep our wonderful staff and customers happy. Our wood shop has classic machinery as well as the latest in CNC. We recycle our waste which is used to heat the building. We carry a massive selection of timbers including Beech, Oak and Walnut. Our polishing shop is a state of the art controlled environment where all kinds of polishing and paint techniques are used. Our staff are trained in all aspects of modern and traditional upholstery. We can handle modern dining chairs or a totally traditional chesterfield armchair with coil springs and horsehair. For our commercial customers, we have developed a special upholstery build technique that we believe will outlast any other in a tough environment. This is why our chairs are found in the best restaurants in the world.

fw_up7bigOur staff are skilled in the following:

  • Design and prototyping
  • CAD and CNC programming
  • Pattern and jig making
  • Chair frame making
  • Woodturning and carving
  • Polishing and painting
  • Upholstery
  • Restoration

All our chairs are made right here in Britain, they are like no other. While many of our shapes have been copied by the ‘chair pirates’ as we like to call them, they are not the same. Even if you don’t buy from us please be careful of what you are buying. The market is flooded with internet chairs, copied from classics and then made without any soul. These cheap chairs are just appalling with frames made of sticks and no proper internals. Similar in appearance only, they should be avoided at all costs.


Within our group, we employ many staff.  If you have a skill that could match any of the departments listed and you would like to work for us please get in touch.  While we may not be recruiting at that precise moment we always like to hear from anyone that would like to join us.  We will always respond and keep your details on file, so we can get in touch should a position become available.