Furniture Restoration

Before Restoration

Before Restoration

Our restoration team are well-known for pulling off miracles. If you have a piece of furniture you would like to have saved, then this is how to go about it.

Firstly, not all furniture can be saved or is worth saving, and many modern chairs and sofas are built using cheap materials. These will most likely fall apart if you try to renovate them. These products are part of the throw away society we live in, so it is best here to just throw them away and start again.

Our Restoration Service

If you have a quality item with a a proper frame, maybe an antique or even just something you are attached to, then let us take a look at it for you. You can send us details and photos of your furniture using the form below and we will take a look and get back to you with an estimate.

After Restoration

After Restoration

Our restoration service includes stripping back all the upholstery, repair and re-polish of the frame if required. Re-upholstery of the frame using modern or traditional methods. All new materials will meet the current fire regulations for domestic and commercial use.


Trade customers will normally supply their own fabrics (COM customers own material). Private customers will need to tell us what kind of fabric or leather they would like so we can narrow down some fabric samples for you. You are always welcome to visit our factory. All fabrics must meet fire regulations which can be achieved by the fabric being compliant or back coating. In some cases an inter liner can be used.

You can supply your own fabric or choose from our range.

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Restoration enquiry form

Restoration enquiry

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