Clapham Sofa

Classic flair arm sofa with cushion seat.  Lovely shaped legs that follow the arm styling.  Show here with the scatter back, you can have tailored back cushions if you prefer.  Simple pipe detail is used to highlight the leading edges and cushion borders.  A staff favorite this sofa is happy in a any style of home or hotel.

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Why our chairs are unique
Dimensions: (H)81 x (W)Chair 100 - 1.5str 130 - 2str 160 - 2.5str 190 - 3str 220 - 3.5str 250 x (D)90 x (Seat Height)48 cm
Show Wood Options:Any
Frame Options:220 190 160 130 100
Polishing Options:Any
Upholstery Options:Cushion upgrades

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