Duncton Armchair

All time classic, in fact, this is probably the most popular chair we have ever made.  It does not matter what the fashion of the day is, this chair just keeps selling. Featuring a Beech frame with turned or tapered front legs and optional castors. This is the upholstered back version, it is also made for a cushion back. This chair is big deep and heavy, based on an original antique my father found over 30 years ago. Have it upholstered to our Classic upholstery build and it will be a chair you will love forever. Please please do not confuse this chair with the cheap copies that are all over the internet, this is the real thing.

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Why our chairs are unique
Dimensions: (H)80 x (W)89 x (D)101 x (Seat Height)45 cm
Show Wood Options:Any
Frame Options:Sofas available
Polishing Options:Any
Upholstery Options:Cushion changes
Cover Requirements:8m/2h