Make sure it will fit!!!!

I have been in the furniture manufacturing game for a long time.  As my businesses have evolved we have moved further and further into hand made bespoke products.  Sure we have the biggest production ready archive of chairs in the world but a large part of our business these days is for designers and is totaly custom. We are famous for our chairs but we also make a lot of sofas, tables and other bespoke cabinet product.  I want to bring up the title of this post ‘Make sure it will fit’.

I don’t know how many hundreds of times I have said these words to designers, yet still we often get the call it wont fit!! These words are so unnecessary and can be very expensive.  So make sure you have measured the space and all the doorways, even the halls and corners before you order.  Remember if you order a custom built corner sofa to fit in specific position and you cant get it in it’s your responsibility.  If there is any doubt talk to us, in many cases we can make sofas that can be bolted together on site.  This may cost a bit more but if you order a custom sofa and you cant get it in, thats a lot of money down the drain.

One other thing and this happened just the other day.  If you are sending your own transport to collect from the factory please make sure you send the right vehicle.

I think we need a bigger car!

I think we need a bigger car!


Thanks for reading…