GDPR Statement from CVOUK LTD May 2018

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

So here we are folks more regulations that have been brought in to protect us all from the bad guys.   These regulations as with all regulations are a tangle of words written by people who are much cleverer than us, apparently!  Therefore we will all be better off by complying with the regulations (If we can understand them) Trouble is of course as with all regulations new and old the people that are smarter than the regulation writers and there are some! are already working out ways around them.  Sorry for being so cynical but is all this going to stop the hundreds of emails I get a week from China trying to sell me copies of the furniture I already make? I don’t think so. I do hope like we all do that it will improve our overall data security but somehow I doubt it.  When giant corporations can be hacked by a few guys on laptops it won’t be long before someone gets an email that they did not ask for or gets a mysterious charge on there credit card.

If you receive emails from us we are sorry if you do not want to receive them, you can always unsubscribe!  We hope you stick with us, we promise we will only send you the odd email to tell you about what we are up to, new products, prices, specials etc.  CVOUK LTD has considered the regulations and our interpretation of them forms the basis of our data policy. As a small business we are not able to hire expensive help to untangle these new regulations, even if we could afford a specialist GDPR consultant we would not be able to contact them now!!  We can only act on the regulations the best way we see fit. We value all of our clients old and new, so please be assured that we will never intentionally compromise your trust in us. Your data will only ever be used by us in the process of doing business with you. We will never  pass your details to a third party unless that third part is directly involved in the business we do with you and is a necessary cog in the wheel of doing that business, for example: a delivery company may need your details to deliver your goods on our behalf.  If you have any issues with our interpretation of these new rules please feel free to contact us. If we email you and you do not want us to, just tell us and we will stop. Our Data protection policy in full is now live on this site as it stands today. It maybe updated at any time.

Thank you

Kevin Baker