Bringing Back The Classics

Georgian wing chair
Having the biggest collection of chair designs on the planet (as far as we know) Is almost like having our own chair museum.   If you have read the blurb on our site you will have heard of the ‘Vault’ as we like to call it.  This is where we keep all these wonderful designs and patterns.  While is not actually a vault, it is truly an amazing collection.

The ‘Chairmaker’ brand is an ever evolving collection of chair designs, some are new from our own in house design team but many come from the vault.  I love the vault, it is stuffed full of amazing old designs.  Many of these date back to when my father had an old frame making business, he started back in the 60s.  At that time he was supplying the re-pro market with replica frames of old antiques, they were faithful reproductions made in the old way and were purchased by upholstery firms all over the UK.  Most have long gone, killed off by the cheap versions of these iconic products from the far east.  This trend continues to this day.  If you open any weekend paper or search the net you will find pages of nasty cheap furniture made in far away places for peanuts.

Like many things we have designed and made in the UK, Furniture is something we are good at.  Finally people from around the world are wanting our hand made products again and that makes me smile.  We have weathered the storm and to celebrate this we are going to ‘Bring back the Classics’.

Vintage! that word is driving me crazy! We considered using this word to discribe our new collection but it would not be right. It seams everything these days is vintage.  Its a word that if you tag it to anything old it suddenly, miraculously has more value.  Its also attached to new cheap anything that is made to look old, mostly its a word that describes rubbish these days. Sorry but that is the bottom line. Vintage actually means ‘Something from the past of high quality, especially something representing the best of its kind’.  So this new collection from Chairmaker will simply be the ‘Classics’.

Over the next year we will be searching the vault and bringing back to life many of the chair designs that made the UK famous for furniture. I will dig deep into the vault and bring you wing chairs, arm chairs and dining chairs.  All will be made properly from hardwoods and will be beautify finished.  So watch this space and see what I find. You can supply your own fabrics or choose leather.  Pick your wood and colour, nails or piping, what ever you want.

The first chair in the Classics collection is the mighty Hastings Wing chair. This is exactly the same chair my dad was making in the 70s, its stunning and we bring it to you as faithful reproduction of the original antique he took it from. The picture shows one we have just made for a client in there own fabric and finished with nickel hand placed nails. Drop dead gorgeous.

Thanks for reading,

Kev Baker